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Texas Bushcraft Fire Starter Survival Kit

Fire Starter Survival Kit

Peace of mind in any situation

Whether you're caught in a sudden downpour or the red balloon has gone up, our fire starter kit lets you enjoy a roaring fire until the clouds part or reinforcements arrive. This 4-piece emergency survival kit includes a firesteel with scraper tool; a paracord bracelet; and a leather tinder pouch for collecting and storing fatwood, birch and cedar bark. By proactively storing tinder and keeping all your fire making kit organized in one place for an emergency, you'll quickly lift the morale of your fellow campers with your ability to get a fire going right out of a bag.

Be prepared when conditions deteriorate

Our fire starter kit ensures that you're ready to hunker-down and endure. Unlike single-use matches that can become wet and unusable, our ferro rod provides a perfectly balanced ferrocerium alloy specifically designed for outdoor survival. It is hard enough to last for 15k strikes with a multi-tool scraper that features a bottle opener, measuring rule and hex wrench, yet soft enough to direct your sparks exactly where you want them with a flick of the wrist.

Maintain your blades

This indispensable survival gear not only helps to keep you warm and fed in an emergency, but the leather tinder bag pulls double duty as a strop to keep edged weapons and tools razor-sharp and ready for action. Simply turn it inside-out to expose the suede side and draw the edge across it to achieve the edge you desire.

To ensure your survival in even the most hostile environments, add the Texas Bushcraft Fire Starter Kit to your camping essentials today.

What people are Saying about the Fire Starter Survival Kit

As an avid bushcrafter and survival instructor, I love this kit. The ferro rod throws great sparks with the included multi-use steel and the paracord bracelet offers a good amount of cordage with a fantastic bow clasp that offers a ton of alternative uses for crafting in the wild. The big selling point for me is the tinder bag. It is high quality and the perfect size for gathering enough birds nest material for multiple fires. Highly recommended.

Everett L.

Super high quality. Excellent, caring company. I'll definitely order much more!!!!

Matthew A

Perfect for getting all items together for fire starting! Nice bag made of soft and genuine leather. Bag draws closed with paracord.  Ferro rod throws great sparks for ease in starting your fire. A very nice product!


Great quality and craftsmanship!

J. Hall

Bought for a gift but will get 1 for myself

David G.