Tarred Bank Line

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  • SURVIVE THE WILDERNESS with Texas Bushcraft Tarred Bank Line in your pack. This heavy-duty bank cord does everything from snaring a rabbit or catching a fish to eat, to lashing together a makeshift shelter to weather a storm.
  • PACK MORE PUNCH with this space-saving camping twine. It boasts all the strength of paracord without the bulk. With more twisted nylon twine at your disposal, you can brave the great outdoors with bank cord to spare.
  • HIGHLY VERSATILE #36 bank line has superior knotting ability for accessory tie points, netting and hanging loops. It can also be untwisted so that individual strands can be used for making sewing repairs to tents and sails.
  • ABRASION-RESISTANT black netcoat withstands friction from tree trunks and high-vibration environments. It can also be ensure lengthy submersions in brackish water without rotting or incurring marine growth.

    Adapt and overcome
    That is the intent of our tarred and twisted #36 nylon twine. This black twine has heavy-duty outdoor applications for all your camping, hiking, fishing and bug-out needs. Boasting a breaking strength of 350 lbs, it can be used as an emergency snare cord when hunger sets in, untwisted to suture a wound and as a tripwire to warn you of intruders. Whatever the circumstance, Texas Bushcraft Tarred Bank Line will get you out of a bind.

    Your all-climate outdoor rope

    Tar-coated for UV and weather resistance, Texas Bushcraft Outdoor Twine can be relied on when your plans go sideways. It withstands moisture and abrasion to keep shelter halves strung between trees and catfish trotlines intact during lengthy submersions in lakes and ponds. Whether you find yourself stranded in the wilderness or need to secure a load in the bed of your pick-up truck, this multi-functional heavy-duty twine can be counted on to tie up all your loose ends.

    Up to any challenge

    Our twisted bankline is available in your choice of 1/4-lb and 1-lb sizes to suit all of your camping and outdoor needs. Because it is less bulky than paracord, it takes up less space in your backpack, tackle box or bug-out bag. Take only what you need and leave more room for rations; or take the whole spool and be prepared for any continency. With plenty of utility rope for lashing twine, hammock straps and emergency equipment repair, Texas Bushcraft Bank Cord is always ready to be your lifeline.

    For all your survival, retention and rigging applications, add Texas Bushcraft Bankline #36 Tarred Twine to your camping gear today.



    Customer Reviews

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    Daren Morgan
    Bank line

    Fast response, good product. Only comment is website says 131 feet, product delivered marked 121 feer

    Dr. Hydrate
    Quality bank line, very useful.

    Great purchase, very strong and useful bank line.

    Luis Rivera
    Worth Every Penny

    I have ordered Bank Line from other Bushcraft sites. This is the best quality Bank Line I have ever purchased. I will order and advise my Family and Friends to purchase their Bank Line and Ferro rods from Texas Bushcraft.


    If you want to hang an antenna from a tree, set up a catfish trot line, or need to tie luggage at the airport together for a quick zipper pull fix. Buy this and carry some with you!


    Suited for all your camping and Bushcraft needs! A no slip grip cordage is just what I need.