Firecraft Cord Paracord Bracelet

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  • Overcome adversity in the great outdoors with the Firecraft Survival Bracelet by Texas Bushcraft. This patent-pending twist on the military paracord bracelet has 3 extra strands for greater functionality and resilience.
  • 3 additional strands in the Firecraft Utility Bracelet include a water-resistant waxed cotton tinder; a 150D waxed thread for sewing; and a 40-lb test fishing line. All are encased in an abrasion-resistant nylon sheath for durability.
  • Exceptional knotting from Firecraft Cord lets you set up trip wires, tie down tarps or splint injuries securely and with ease. Unlike standard survival cord, our ripcord bracelet has no stiff metal wire or fast-degrading monofilament line.
  • Adjustable cordage bracelet is equipped with a rustproof stainless steel bow shackle and includes an extra pin in case 1 goes missing. Have camp rope at your fingertips with our survival paracord bracelet in your hiking gear.
  • So many versatile uses make the Firecraft Paracord Survival Bracelet a
  • must-have addition to camping safety & survival equipment. Replace a broken
  • boot lace, build temporary shelter or use it as a fire bow for warmth and cooking.

Master the Wilderness
Arm yourself for prolonged survival with the Texas Bushcraft Firecraft Paracord Utility Bracelet. Stronger and with greater functionality than a traditional paracord survival bracelet, it is an essential addition to your camping gear and accessories. A handsome fashion accent at work and play, the Firecraft Ripcord Bracelet becomes your key to catching food, being aware of approaching predators and building temporary shelter until you can return to civilization.

Giving You Every Edge
With 3 extra strands, Firecraft Cord is a patent-pending enhancement of existing survival cord. It includes a water-resistant waxed cotton tinder and a waxed 150D thread for suturing and canvas-sewing. The third strand is a 40-lb test PE fishing line with greater resilience in salt water environments. Unlike other paracord survival bracelets with firm metal wire and monofilament that weakens quickly under stress, the Texas Bushcraft Firecraft Bracelet is more flexible and agreeable to figure 8, clove hitches and other knots.

For Men and Women
The Firecraft Bracelet comes in sizes that accommodate wrists from 6 inches to 9 inches and is equipped with an adjustable bow shackle. It also comes with 1 replacement shackle pin. With such lifesaving potential in 1 utility bracelet, the Firecraft Bracelet belongs in your survival gear and equipment. It also makes a thoughtful gift for hikers, campers and preppers.

Be prepared when outdoor adventure goes sideways. Add a Firecraft Womens
or Mens Utility Bracelet to your camping gear and equipment today.

Customer Reviews

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Quality is great and three extra cords is a nice touch!

This Paracord Bracelet has very good quality. It is nice to see that it also features the same 3 extra cords (tinder, fishing and sewing) like their original Firecraft cord. What a nice touch, it will be reserved for emergency use.

Glenn Matthews
Nice Paracord Bracelet!

Received the army green bracelet a day earlier than expected. Good quality and nice weaving!
A survival kit (emergency) on your wrist!
Glad we a bushcraft/woodcraft outfit in the Great State of Texas!